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Creative Energy Partners with Dragos to Secure District Energy Operations and Create a Decarbonized Future


Secure. Sustainable. Future-Ready. That's the promise of Creative Energy, with the Dragos Platform securing what matters most. 

In an era where the energy sector's resilience is tested by escalating cyber threats, Creative Energy has taken a monumental step forward by partnering with Dragos, the leader in industrial cybersecurity. Together, we're not just envisioning a decarbonized future; we're securing it. 

A Partnership Powered by Innovation and Security 

Creative Energy, a pioneer in low carbon district energy systems, is on a mission to provide sustainable thermal heating and cooling services across North America. With projects that span from innovative waste heat recovery to electric heat pumps, their commitment to reducing carbon footprints is unwavering. However, safeguarding operational technology (OT) is paramount along the journey toward sustainability. Enter Dragos. 

Dragos brings OT cyber expertise and critical technology to industrial cybersecurity. The Dragos Platform, OT Watch, and Neighborhood Keeper are now the bedrock of Creative Energy’s cybersecurity strategy, fortifying defenses and ensuring the continuous, safe operation of energy systems.

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Transforming Cybersecurity for a Sustainable Future 

Creative Energy’s collaboration with Dragos is more than a partnership; it's a transformation. Here's how the Creative Energy team describes the difference:


Innovative Cybersecurity Solutions
“By integrating Dragos's OT-native cybersecurity technology, we're not just reacting to threats; we're proactively preventing them, ensuring the integrity of our energy systems.” 


Operational Excellence
“The Dragos Platform provides unparalleled visibility into our OT environment, allowing us to manage and mitigate risks with precision, ensuring uninterrupted service to our customers.” 


Community Impact
“Our projects, including the groundbreaking downtown Vancouver Decarbonization project, are set to reduce GHGs significantly, thanks in part to the secure and reliable operation of our systems, backed by Dragos.” 


A Model for the Future
“This partnership is a blueprint for the energy sector, demonstrating how sustainability goals can be achieved securely and efficiently, setting a new standard for others to follow.”

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