RobertL_(6)[1] Dmitri Alperovitch headshot

Robert M. Lee,

Dragos Founder & CEO

Dmitri Alperovitch,

CrowdStrike Founder & CTO

IT and OT: a bridge too far?

CrowdStrike and Dragos don't think so. 

Join the discussion between Dmitri Alperovitch and Rob Lee as they describe the unique challenges that IT and OT environments face, and how to streamline the tools, processes, and people to improve your overall security posture.

Don’t miss this 30 minute chat to hear about:

  • OT cybersecurity skills gap and what can be done
  • Techniques & behaviors relevant to OT-targeting adversaries
  • Better IT/OT visibility of potential attacks
  • What the future holds for converging IT/OT technologies