The risk of attacks on the Electric sector is increasing as supply chain risks and ransomware attacks enable intrusions and disruption to electric utility operations.

Join Dragos Principal Adversary Hunter Pasquale Stirparo, author of the recently-published Global Electric Threat Perspective, on October 26 for highlights from his report and threat research, including:

  • 11 Activity Groups actively targeting the Electric sector
  • Current threats to operational segments from generation to distribution
  • Lessons learned from real-world cyber events at electric utilities
  • Recommendations to protect against specific threat behaviors

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Pasquale Stirparo - Teal Frame

Principal Adversary Hunter

Pasquale Stirparo


Emerging activity groups threatening Electric operations.

Learn more about the eleven AGs targeting electric utility networks during the webinar.




Spoofed domains for government & technology entities. Adversary-owned & operated infrastructure. Extensive use of dynamic DNS providers.

ICS Impact

Access development, information gathering, and further operations within electric sector. 




Combinations of adversary-owned and compromised infrastructure. Almost exclusively based in East Asia.

ICS Impact

Operations focus on U.S. electric utilities, initial access information gathering, and further operations within electric sector.




Primary focus on compromised infrastructure in Europe. Spoofs legitimate technology and social media services.

ICS Impact

Operations linked to five ICS targeting events. Proven operations leading to disruption. Facilitated the 2015 and 2016 Ukraine power events.