Join the Florida Municipal Power Agency and ICS cybersecurity company Dragos on April 27th for insights and recommendations from experts and leaders in the field. 

In this special presentation for Florida Utilities, you'll get:

  • Real-world advice on cybersecurity best practices and adherence to compliance
  • An overview of the threat activity groups that target electric utilities
  • Understanding of the evolution of NERC CIP and how to prepare for the future
  • An assessment of the current state of ICS/OT security in the Power & Utilities industry
  • Trends and insights from Dragos CEO Robert M. Lee with a live Q&A

This event will start at 9:30 AM. Register today to see the full agenda and get the details for joining the sessions in-person or online. 

Featured Presenters

Robert M. Lee

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Bristow

Director, NCCIC Hunt and Incident Response Team

Carter Manucy

IT/OT & Cybersecurity Director

Jason Christopher

Principal Cyber Risk Advisor

Kyle O'Meara

Principal Adversary Hunter

Joseph Reilly

Director - Operational Technology