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  • On-Demand Webinar

    The State of Cybersecurity in the Food and Beverage Industry

    HubSpot Video

    Original Air Date: 06/23/2022

    Safe and available food and beverage options are essential for public health, ecosystem protection and economic strength.  So it is no surprise that responders to a spring 2022 Food Processing survey indicated that cybersecurity is top of mind for leaders across the food and beverage. As headlines point out, cyber attackers have industrial organizations in their sights, so developing a readiness plan is critical to protect citizens and industrial systems.  Even the U.S. Government, in the recent National Security Memorandum, has identified the need for cybersecurity readiness within critical infrastructure.

    This webinar will be an interactive panel discussion involving speakers from Food Processing and cybersecurity experts Fortinet and Dragos, all of whom collaborated on that survey to uncover the challenges and priorities concerning cybersecurity for food and beverage processors.  During this webinar, we will review the findings from the research and share insights regarding:

    • Areas for improving cybersecurity preparedness
    • Challenges in improving cybersecurity for legacy as well as modernized systems
    • Best practices for building a robust cybersecurity strategy to support the cyber-physical environments across manufacturing
    • Importance of partnerships when taking the first steps to start or restart a cybersecurity program

    The future of digital security for your manufacturing industrial controls and SCADA systems will be governed by readiness.  You're invited to find out how to protect your evolving critical infrastructure systems from the latest wave of cyber threats.

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