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  • On-Demand Webinar

    2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Threat Landscape

    Original Air Date: 3/21/23

    Industrial organizations must understand threat groups and their tactics to address the challenges of safeguarding ICS/OT. Listen in as Dragos experts share an in-depth analysis of the current industrial threat landscape, including:
    • New threat groups identified in 2022 – CHERNOVITE & BENTONITE
    • The evolution of ICS-targeting malware
    • Who is conducting reconnaissance, and why that matters
    • The impact of ransomware on ICS/OT community 

    You'll learn  how organizations can operationalize this information and proactively plan for better cyber defense in 2023. 



    2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review

    The industrial cyber threat landscape is constantly changing with new adversaries, vulnerabilities, and attacks that put operations and safety at risk. Get the report to know your threats and benchmark your OT cybersecurity posture. 

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    2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review

    In our webinar trilogy discussing the 2022 YIR results, Dragos industrial cybersecurity experts speak directly to the findings in the report and share how organizations can operationalize this information and proactively plan for better cyber defense in 2023.

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