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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Executive Insights into Manufacturing Cybersecurity with Rockwell Automation and Dragos

    Original Air Date: 10/06/2023

    Featured Speakers

    Robert M. Lee
    CEO & Co-founder

    Blake Moret
    CEO & Chairman

    On this webinar, thought leaders in industrial cybersecurity, Robert M. Lee, CEO & Co-founder of Dragos, and Blake Moret, Chairman & CEO of Rockwell Automation, delve into critical topics surrounding the current state of manufacturing cybersecurity, manufacturers' responses to increasing risks, and the journey to enhance OT/ICS cybersecurity. They will cover:

    1. The Current State of Manufacturing Cybersecurity:
    • Explore the ever-evolving threat landscape, including insights into threat group activities and ransomware trends.
    • Gain insights into supply chain risks from a large company perspective.
    • Identify key areas for improvement, such as limited OT network visibility, security perimeter challenges, unmanaged external connections, and the importance of separate IT/OT cybersecurity approaches
    1. Manufacturers' Responses to Increasing Risk:
    • Discover Rockwell's guidance to customers in prioritizing cybersecurity today.
    • Insights into the "State of Smart Manufacturing" cyber takeaways and the convergence of OT and IT domain requirements.
    • Understand the significance of board-level awareness in terms of legal implications and long-term growth prospects.
    1. The OT/ICS Cybersecurity Journey – Where You Are and How to Progress:
    • The steps of the cybersecurity journey, contextualized within the framework of the 5 critical controls for OT cybersecurity.
    • Actionable advice for both companies starting out and those with established programs.
    • Recommendations for scaling cybersecurity programs globally across complex enterprises.

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