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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Crossing the Rubicon: Hacktivist Intrusions Against Israeli-Made OT

    Original Air Date: 12/14/2023

    Featured Speakers

    Kyle OMeara
    Kyle O'Meara
    Principal Adversary Hunter

    Bryce Livingston - Headshot
    Bryce Livingston
    Senior Adversary Hunter

    Eric Brown - Headshot
    Eric Brown
    Senior Industrial Hunter​

    Hacktivist activity surges when geopolitical conflict increases but they often exaggerate their claims – it’s hard to take them seriously. But what if the door is held open for them? What if they get lucky?

    The CyberAv3ngers hacktivist group promised to target Israeli-made technology to advance their agenda. Their claims turned out to be true this time with the unsophisticated compromise of Unitronics programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at a Pennsylvania water utility and other entities.

    These threats should be looked at objectively, combating fear, uncertainty, and doubt to assess the real risk posed by hacktivists. Watch our briefing on recent hacktivist activity impacting OT utilities globally with Dragos threat hunters Kyle O’Meara, Bryce Livingston, and Eric Brown. They will:

    • Explore real-world cases of hacktivism involving operational technology including the recent compromise of OT systems by hacktivist groups.
    • Discuss how global conflicts influence the activities of hacktivist groups.
    • Equip attendees with strategies to assess hacktivist threats for what they are and steps to fortify their defenses.

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    Cyber Av3ngers Hacktivist Group Targeting Israel-Made OT Devices

    Dragos Threat Intelligence has been tracking an uptick in hacktivist cyber operations and several hacktivist groups have come out of the woodwork during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Cyber Av3ngers is one such group. 

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