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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Incident Response for ICS: You Are Not Alone!

    Critical Controls for Consequence-Driven Incident Response

    HubSpot Video

    Original Air Date: 1/18/23

    Listen in as panelists dive into details on the following topics:

    • The risk profile for ICS/OT environments - what's really at stake?
    • Why an ICS Incident Response Plan is a must-have for OT environments, and how it differs from IT.
    • 5 Critical Controls for OT cybersecurity, and their significance for consequence-driven Incident Response


    How to Prepare For & Respond to Ransomware In Operational Technology Environments

    Knowing how to prepare for and respond to ransomware threats in ICS/OT environments requires a different approach than for IT. Immediately assess your OT cybersecurity preparedness. 

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    2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review

    The industrial cyber threat landscape is constantly changing with new adversaries, vulnerabilities, and attacks that put operations and safety at risk. Get the report to know your threats and benchmark your OT cybersecurity posture. 

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