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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Know your Adversaries:A Fireside Chat on The European Operational Technology Threat Landscape

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    Original Air Date: 09/14/2023

    Join the Dragos threat intelligence team for a fireside chat on the European operational technology cyber threat landscape.

    In this interactive webinar, we will explore current adversaries, emerging threats to industrial control systems, and perennial cybersecurity challenges facing ICS/OT defenders.

    To kickstart our chat, we will examine the present-day ICS/OT threat landscape, pinpointing active adversaries, their methodologies, and the industrial sectors most at risk. Using recent events and case studies, we will share tactics employed by these threat actors and the vulnerabilities they've managed to exploit.

    Next, we will leverage emerging trends to cast predictive nets into the future and shed light on the potential evolution of cyber threats in the OT space. Our discussion will touch on the role of technologies such as AI, 5G, and IoT in shaping the future of cyber threats and how industrial organisations can stay ahead of the curve.

    Finally, we will share updates on adversaries that have consistently challenged European ICS/OT cybersecurity defenses, defining reasons for their continued effectiveness, as well as strategies for the long-term management of these threats.

    Whether you're an ICS/OT professional, a cybersecurity enthusiast, or a policymaker, this dialogue will expand your visibility and answer your questions on the past, present, and future European operational technology cyber threat landscape. 




    IDo you know your threats, and can you benchmark your OT cybersecurity posture? This report gives you just the highlights from Dragos’s 6th annual Dragos Year in Review, with a special focus on European cyber threats, to help you stay ahead of cyber attacks and protect your business operations in 2023.



    2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review

    The 6th annual Dragos Year in Review summarizes what you need to know about your threats and benchmark your OT cybersecurity posture.  

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