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  • On-Demand Webinar

    Navigating the SEC Rules for Enhanced Cybersecurity in IT and OT Environments

    Original Air Date: 02/01/2024

    Featured Speakers

    Betsy Guarnieri
    General Counsel

    Mark Stacey
    Director of Strategy

    Brian E. Finch
    Partner, Co-Leader, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy Practice

    David Oliwenstein

    As technology continues to transform operational capabilities for businesses, cyber threats have also become more sophisticated, elevating the potential for devastating consequences.

    While OT and IT networks have significantly converged to meet the demands of ongoing modernization, there are still distinct cybersecurity risks for each environment. IT environments contend with risks such as potential loss of valuable data, intellectual property, and network services. In contrast, OT environments have different systems, network traffic, and adversaries which carry the potential to cripple critical infrastructure, including the natural environment and human life. During a cyber incident, both environments contend with the potential for operational downtime, loss of revenue, and reputational risks that can occur at excruciating cost. In the wake of the SEC's disclosure regime, companies will need to simultaneously address security concerns while ensuring that they make appropriate regulatory filings.

    In this on-demand webinar, experts from Dragos and Pillsbury explore the unique challenges Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Chief Risk Officers, and cybersecurity executives face to secure critical networks and assets from cyber attacks.

    Topics Include:

    • Evolution of the Threat Landscape: Understanding the changing landscape of cyber threats and its implications for both IT and OT environments.
    • Overview of Requirements: Providing an overview of the SEC requirements and emphasizing why operations teams in industrial companies should pay attention, stressing that it's not limited to IT cybersecurity.
    • SEC Rule Implications: Exploring the significant implications of the SEC rule for cybersecurity incident response teams in various environments.
    • Broad Impact of SEC Requirements: Highlighting the importance of the SEC’s requirements, even for companies currently outside the SEC's jurisdiction, as they set a precedent for future regulations affecting supply chains, insurance, and credit ratings.
    • Materiality in OT: Understanding the concept of materiality and its impact on OT, including safety, environmental concerns, and business continuity.
    • Collaborative Approaches: Tips for collaborating with IT, Legal, Compliance, and others to comprehensively address cybersecurity risks in both IT and OT environments.
    • Pitfalls and Cautionary Points: Identifying potential pitfalls and essential considerations in cybersecurity efforts.

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