Join us for a "compact" version of DISC.

The Dragos Industrial Security Conference is your opportunity to get technical, actionable advice from Dragos front-line experts and ICS practitioners. For the first time this year, Dragos is offering a Compact DISC on Tuesday 9 November starting at 11:30 am AEDT. This two-hour virtual session of key presentations from DISC 2021 will not be recorded and won’t be publicly available.

To preserve confidentiality and a focus on the mission of industrial asset owners and operators, approved registrants will be notified with instructions for joining the event by email. 

What to expect at Compact DISC
  • Learn about current ICS specific cyber threats in a non-recorded, closed-door atmosphere
  • See the latest in ICS security controls, assessment methodologies, and best practices
  • Identify recent ICS vulnerabilities and how to leverage them correctly
  • Experience a technical, practitioner and case-study focused view of ICS threat operations
  • Gain insights into ICS incident response case studies and lessons learned
What if I'm already registered for DISC on 5 November?

You are welcome to join either virtual event (or both!) but 5 November DISC will be live during US business hours. Presentations are not being recorded, so Compact DISC is your best option to get the latest research and a good night's sleep. 

Compact DISC Invite Ticket


Asset owners and operators combating industrial cybersecurity adversaries and select Dragos partners.


Tuesday 9 November
11:30 am - 1:30 pm AEDT


Virtual Livestream


Free as thanks to the OT/ICS cybersecurity community. 

Join the first-ever CTF at DISC.

Whether you’re new to ICS or a seasoned practitioner, sharpen your cybersecurity skills and compete for prizes in virtual capture the flag. Play on your own or form a team to tackle OT cybersecurity analysis challenges like:

  • Phishing email 
  • ICS Protocol PCAP
  • Digital Forensic Artifacts
  • Engineering and Network Diagrams

Winners will get prizes from Dragos - and bragging rights.

Compact DISC attendees can join the global competition any time between 3 November at 3 am AEDT through 5 November at 3 am AEDT.

Capture the Flag is only open to approved attendees of DISC and Compact DISC, so look for more detail when you receive confirmation of your registration. 


Capture the Flag

3 November - 5 November
100% online
Forensics-based challenges & more
Play alone or form a team
Sign up after you're approved

Lots of good material, lots of timely material, and some really honest conversations I am able to apply directly to my job.

- DISC 2020 attendee feedback